• SELENE (100% goose down)

    SELENE  duvet is made ​​of high quality 100% cotton jacquard fabric, especially dense and downproof.
    The duvet is kindly close-fitting to the human body and luxurious, as it fills 100% goose down.
    Down duvets from the human body eliminates excess moisture, therefore it is well maintained bed optimal body temperature. Down is a natural material. The higher the Down content, the lighter and softer the product.  
    Duvet size: 140x200x2.5, fill weight: 900g
                      200x220x2.5, fill weight: 1410g
    Duvet fabric: 100% cotton jacquard
    Filling: 100% goose down

  • MORPHEUS (90% duck down/10% feather)

    These Duvets are made from 100% down-proof cotton with a full 90% duck down and 10% feather filling giving you warmth and good feeling. Down differs considerably from feathers, as it does not have the hard quill shafts that is common in feather quilts. It is the fluffy filament which comes from the breast of a duck and is an extremely efficient natural insulator.
    Duvet size: 100x140cm, fill weight: 400g
                       140x200cm, fill weight: 840g
                       200x220cm, fill weight: 1320g
    Duvet fabric:100% down-proof cotton
    Duvet Filling: 90% duck down / 10% feather

  • HEBE (50% duck down/50% feather)

    This duvet is filled with a 50% duck feather and 50% duck down, gives excellent thermal properties and good sensations. Duvet shell is made from 100% down-proof cotton which will allow your skin to breathe. 
    Duvet size: 140x200cm, fill weight: 1000g
                      200x220cm, fill weight: 1550g
    Duvet fabric: 100% down-proof cotton
    Duvet Filling: 50% duck down / 50% feather

  • CERES(100% micro fiber down)

    CERES duvet is filled with micro-down, shell is sewn from 80% microfiber and 20% emboss printed cotton. Micro-down  will not only keep you warm but also allergy-free. It shapes to your body for superior comfort. You can be confident that you will be warm and comfortable.   
    Duvet size: 140x200cm, fill weight: 1120g
                      200x220cm, fill weight: 1760g
    Duvet fabric: 80% microfiber/20% emboss printed cotton
    Filling: 100% micro-fiber down

  • NORA (100% micro fiber down)

    It is very soft and fluffy antiallergic duvet filled with micro- down, suitable for people with allergies. It is light, perfect trap the heat and absorbs moisture very well. Duvet shell is made ​​from 100% down-proof cotton.
    Duvet size: 100x140cm, fill weight:560g
                      140x200cm, fill weight: 1120g
                      140x220cm, fill weight: 1230g
                      200x220cm, fill weight: 1760g
    Duvet fabric: 100% down-proof cotton
    Filling: 100% micro fiber down

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